What are the types of mini programs that make money on WeChat?

Mini programs have been online for a long time, but for many self-employed businesses or individuals who want to start a business, it is still a relatively new field. Why do you say this?

The data shows that so far, the proportion of companies entering Mini Programs is much higher than that of self-employed individuals, which means that the proportion of self-employed businesses and individuals entering Mini Programs is still relatively low. , so the editor believes that mini programs are a very friendly platform for small businesses or individuals who want to start a business, and they are still in the dividend period, so today I will introduce what types of mini programs are there to make money on WeChat?

The following is an example.

What are the types of mini programs that make money on WeChat?
WeChat Mini Program

1. Movie applet

Before, Xiaojiu also talked about many examples of how to “win” by developing movie applets. I won’t go into details here. The main reason is why it is recommended for individuals to start their own businesses and choose movie applets. The key is to be able to keep up with the existing market development trends. Secondly, because personal energy is limited, it is not possible to have “human” and “money” advantages, and the movie app only requires a small amount of energy. After its operation is launched online, the main way to make money is through users’ income from advertisements after watching videos, so it is more suitable for individuals to make money.

2. Catering applet

If the current individual catering portals still do not change their thinking and do not make any changes, they will be eliminated by the market sooner or later. This is not what the authority has heard. This is a fact. At present, the country is also In the implementation of the “digital store” operating model, especially for the catering industry, the development of catering mini programs can truly and effectively solve the pain points of the industry and improve work efficiency and turnover. This is very intuitive and can bring A profit-making model, so it is more suitable for current individual catering store merchants.

Of course, in addition to the types of small programs introduced by the editor above, there are many different small programs that have strong “money-attracting” capabilities, but you must be careful when choosing. The demand market positioning is in the development. After all, only when the corresponding demand is accurate can it be better transformed.

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