How to develop catering mini program for marketing

Original title: How to develop catering mini-programs for marketing

WeChat Mini Program has become almost a household name. Many merchants and enterprises have invested in developing their own mini programs. Among them, the catering mini program is a common one in our lives. So how to market the customized development of catering mini programs? I would like to give you a simple sharing, I hope it can help you, the content is for reference only.

How to develop catering applet for marketing

1. Use mini programs to retain old customers and save advertising costs

Restaurant merchants who have settled on food delivery platforms (such as Meituan and may know that the commissions on these platforms are relatively high.

After launching the mini program, I will direct the old customers of the food delivery platform to the WeChat mini program. After the customers place an order in the mini program, I will not have to pay an additional commission to the food delivery platform. I only need a courier fee.

2. Use instant discount coupon activities and WeChat sharing to reduce the cost of acquiring new customers

When the restaurant launches the mini program, it actually opens up another traffic entrance for the restaurant: the traffic brought by customers by forwarding the mini program is also another source of traffic. At the same time, you can set a fixed number of instant discount coupons on the mini program, what? Time can be grabbed, which greatly increases traffic.

3. Improve the service quality of offline physical stores

In addition to ordering catering mini-programs, many offline restaurants have developed mini-programs that allow customers to kill time by playing mini-programs while waiting for their food to be served. In addition, after reaching certain achievements in the game, they can get Small gifts, which enrich the gameplay of offline physical stores and provide better service quality.

4. Membership system and scientific management.

In addition, it is equipped with activities such as coupons and limited-time purchases to stimulate users to visit the store for a second time. And you can also see the daily order status from the background every day, and reasonably arrange the work for the next day based on the dishes that users like. “Using Alibaba Cloud’s multi-terminal mini program membership system, membership levels, membership marketing, unified management, saving time and effort.”

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