Operational difficulties in the later stages of mini program development

Original title: Operational difficulties in the later stages of mini program development

In the past few years, it is not difficult to find that more and more businesses and enterprises are choosing “new media” methods to build brand awareness. Among them, the joint promotion and marketing method of WeChat official accounts and mini programs is currently more popular. Therefore, many companies and merchants choose to develop mini programs. However, after the development is completed, they will find that there is not that much user traffic and the expected number of converted orders. Over time, they will give up operating mini programs. In fact, this is This is caused by “difficulties” encountered by merchants during the operation of mini programs. Today, the editor will talk about what operational difficulties are easily encountered after mini programs are developed?

Listed below in detail for reference.

Operation difficulties in the later stages of mini program development

1. Imitation marketing: For example, a competitor’s mini program marketing activity is group bargaining. After many merchants saw it, I also carried out bargaining activities, but found that the conversion effect was not good. This is blind. Imitating the other party’s marketing actually does not combine its own product positioning, price positioning, market positioning and other most basic operational conditions to conduct activities. Of course, even if marketing and promotion activities are carried out, it will not have the effect of attracting traffic and converting.

2. No content operation: Although the advantages of mini programs themselves have led to the introduction of more and more developers, many people do not pay attention to the operations after development, so it is easy for the mini programs to become “useless” and useless. , if you want to get more traffic, you first need to combine public accounts to create content operations. Why do you need content? Because for users, if you don’t have content, you don’t have “merchant appeal”, let alone being able to introduce it into a mini program mall to generate conversions.

3. Not attracting users: What I mean here is that there are no users. Many merchants have seen many small program developers’ soft-text promotions writing about how huge WeChat traffic is and how it has traffic. But if they only rely on natural traffic to acquire users, If so, then the mini program will definitely not have many users, so it is necessary to combine online and offline efforts to attract traffic and acquire customers in order to obtain the first batch of “seed users”.

4. Do not build a private domain: The last very critical factor is that mini program operations are based on “private domain traffic”. However, many merchants know this concept but do not know how to build a private domain pool. As a result, users immediately enter the mall to purchase for the first time, but there is no repurchase behavior after that. Therefore, users who enter the mini program can be guided to enter the WeChat community to set up private domain operations. At the same time, they can also continue to use Carry out new activities to activate the enthusiasm of old users.

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