Introduction to basic functions of online training and education APP development

Introduction to the basic functions of online training and education APP development

With the development of society, there will be more and more demands and more and more business opportunities, which will inevitably lead to more people entering various industries to test the waters. The education industry is no exception. With the rapid update and iteration of the Internet, there is a need to develop online training and education APPs.

There are many more than before, so what kind of APP do domestic online education and training institutions need to help them expand the market?

Introduction to basic functions of online training and education APP development
Education APP

The editor will share the basic functions of the training and education program.

1. Make an appointment for class: Let your children come to study and make an appointment online through the APP in advance.

2. Teachers: Educational institutions show parents the school’s teacher configuration.

3. Personal information: basic settings and management of students’ own information after registration.

4. Online practice: interactive learning with teachers through online teaching.

5. Teaching videos: In addition to text content, you can also learn through video teaching.

6. Classic question bank: Collect some daily classic teaching questions for students to review.

7. Course display: Show users all the courses offered by this school or training institution.

8. Record videos: You can upload videos of some questions to get help from the teacher.

9. Appointment audition: This is mainly open to parents free of charge. Parents can bring their children to audition, on the one hand, to see the school environment, and on the other hand, to see the level of the teachers.

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