What are the functions of schedule management applet development?

How to achieve more work efficiency in the same time actually requires reasonable arrangements for work schedules. Mobile office is also a common office method nowadays. People pay attention to work planning and efficiency when working, so people must do a good job in schedule planning and management when working at work.

What are the functions of schedule management applet development?
Schedule management applet

What are the functions of schedule management applet development?

1. Time calendar function: Time calendar is convenient for time query or work schedule arrangement.

2. Work progress tracking: Update work task progress in real time, display your task progress with pictures and texts, and let you understand the new work status.

3. Set reminder function: Each schedule arrangement can remind the user of the schedule through the setting of an alarm clock or a vibration reminder.

4. Document list classification function: The schedule management applet labels and categorizes tasks according to their urgency, and the priority can distinguish the importance of tasks.

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