How does the high-converting WeChat mall mini-program operate?

How does the high-conversion WeChat mall mini-program operate?

I believe that many merchants have discovered that many well-known brands have gradually joined the “team” of mini programs. For example, large entities such as Bestore, Daily Fresh, and Wangfujing have launched the “new retail” of mini programs. The operating model has also led to many physical merchants starting to “gradually follow suit” and choose the WeChat mini program platform as a new development path. However, during the operation period, it was discovered that the mini program did not bring the expected high conversion effect. In fact, it has something to do with operational planning, so today I will introduce how the high-conversion WeChat mall mini-program is operated? for reference.

How does the high-converting WeChat mall mini-program operate?
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1. Produce push content: Note that if you are a physical merchant with a certain amount of promotion funds, it is recommended to interview some “Internet celebrities” and then edit the content after the interview into a good content tweet , to warm up offline physical store activities. The main thing is to use the fan traffic behind “Internet celebrities” to trigger the fission effect of customer sources. This is very useful for small programs in the catering category, not only in the short term, the public account The number of fans will skyrocket, and conversions in the mini program mall will also increase.

2. Use public accounts to attract traffic: Enterprises or merchants with capital can invite some of the more popular guests to come to offline stores to take photos, make them into posters, and put their contents into public accounts. , and then you can divide the influence of the guests and share the content of the official account in the circle of friends according to different times, so as to achieve the effect of attracting users and triggering the fission of WeChat users. Why do you need to invite them offline? The main reason is that it can shorten the distance with customers more quickly and create a sense of trust.

3. Online introduction to offline: Yes, you read that right! The reason why online traffic needs to be introduced offline is mainly because it can increase user stickiness very well. The online experience is actually limited, or user stickiness is not strong enough, and offline physical stores can do better To increase “trust” with users, instead of simply introducing users online to form a closed-loop sales model, it is to introduce online to offline operations in order to reach customers more closely. To achieve the purpose of high conversion.

At the end of the day, merchants can think about why the conversion rate of the mini programs they operate is not high. It is very likely that they do not use user data as a reference, and they do not regularly stimulate or motivate users. This has caused a big problem. Some online users are lost and cannot extend the user cycle growth. I hope this article can help you.

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