• Functions developed by the flower booking applet

    Original title: Functions developed by the flower booking applet Basically, everyone likes flowers, so flowers are often used as the first gift. Therefore, it often appears in scenes of confession, proposal, and anniversary. Faced with such a vast market demand, how can merchants miss it? How can they effectively grasp the needs of users and obtain more customers? Now is the era of mobile Internet, so it is natural to focus on mobile software. , for this purpose it is necessary to develop a flower booking applet, so what are…

  • Why choose to develop small programs in the transformation of the traditional flower industry?

    Why does the flower industry choose to develop mini programs? Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the impact on the offline physical market is very large. For the traditional flower market, looking at it from another perspective, it is undoubtedly accelerating the road to transformation. Therefore, many small and medium-sized sellers in the traditional flower industry have begun to choose to develop Mini programs are used as a platform for transformation, so why choose mini programs? Instead of choosing other platforms? 1. Digitalization: Yes, it is digitalization. It…

  • What advantages can the flower mall applet bring?

    What advantages can the flower mall applet bring? As people’s concept of “ceremony” gradually deepens, the flower express retail industry also makes a lot of money during major holidays. However, because the current flower shop customers are more demanding for instant efficiency, online booking, and one-stop Convenient services have forced many traditional flower retail stores to face a “shuffle” transformation, and the Internet platform provided by WeChat mini program has just created opportunities for the traditional flower retail industry. You only need to develop a WeChat mini program flower mall…