Why is agricultural e-commerce small program development an inevitable trend in agricultural development?

At the 2018 CMIG Boao Dialogue Dinner, Jim Rogers, a world-renowned investor and professor of finance, expressed his belief that China’s agricultural development has great potential, and believed that agricultural machinery, seeds, fertilizers and other agriculture-related sectors are good investment directions. .

Agriculture is the source of our food and clothing and the basis of our survival. As a major agricultural country, China’s government has always encouraged and supported agricultural development through a variety of policies. With the strengthening of policy support, e-commerce technology-related companies have begun to accelerate their rural deployment, bringing more opportunities to the development of my country’s agricultural modernization.

The development of agricultural e-commerce mini programs is based on e-commerce platforms and integrates the resources of agricultural growers, wholesalers, retailers, buyers, etc. through online and offline interactions through mini programs so that agricultural growers can quickly obtain In return, consumers no longer have to worry about unsalable agricultural products. Consumers can also buy low-price, fresh agricultural products in a short time through the mini program. As a new e-commerce model, the development of agricultural e-commerce mini-programs provides more possibilities for agricultural development and has become an inevitable trend in agricultural development.

Why is agricultural e-commerce small program development an inevitable trend in agricultural development?

Why is the development of agricultural e-commerce mini-programs an inevitable trend in agricultural development?

Although agricultural development has initially achieved results, in general agricultural development is still relatively backward, and there is huge market space for the integration of agriculture and the Internet;

The development of mobile Internet is intensifying, and small programs provide new markets and marketing channels for the development of traditional agriculture;

Agricultural farmers can directly connect with consumers through mini programs to solve problems such as unsalable products;

Consumers’ requirements for product quality are gradually increasing, and agricultural e-commerce mini programs can provide consumers with fresh and high-quality products;

The agricultural mini program directly connects consumers and agricultural farmers to exchange what they need.

How does the agricultural e-commerce mini program provide services to agricultural farmers and consumers?

Agriculture related information

Agricultural farmers can view the latest agricultural-related information through the agricultural e-commerce mini-program, and can quickly understand the latest agricultural trends and policy-related support.

Enter e-commerce mini program

In the past, agricultural growers had limited sales channels for agricultural products. Every year we see various news about unsalable agricultural products. The unsaleable impact on agricultural growers is very heavy. The agricultural e-commerce mini program allows agricultural growers to log in to the mini program platform and publish relevant agricultural products for sale through the mini program, providing new sales channels for agricultural growers and solving the problem of unsalable agricultural products. Consumers can also buy low-price, fresh agricultural products in the shortest possible time.

Online shopping is more convenient

Agricultural farmers spend huge amounts on agricultural product seeds, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, agricultural tools, etc. every year, and there is only one way to purchase them. Agricultural e-commerce mini-programs provide agricultural growers with agricultural-related product sales services. Growers have more purchasing channel choices through mini-programs, and can provide one-stop shopping through mini-programs, eliminating the need to travel here and there. We can also provide “consume now, pay later” services to large growers through mini programs, eliminating the pain of running around and raising funds for growers.

Agricultural technical knowledge and training

Recommend agricultural technical knowledge, new product introductions and planting training materials to agricultural growers through the mini program, so that growers can learn about the latest planting products and planting technologies through the mini program, and train relevant agricultural planting technology operations through the mini program, and understand and understand in a timely manner Apply new products and new technologies to agriculture.

Agricultural expert analysis pointed out that agricultural mini-programs can help agricultural enterprises integrate resources, improve efficiency, and take the lead in deploying agricultural mobile Internet, which is a shortcut for agricultural enterprises to gain a foothold in the agricultural economic market.

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