Introduction to educational applet development functional solutions

Introduction to educational applet development functional solutions

The education industry has always been an industry that everyone attaches great importance to. Both offline education and online education agree to attract attention. Here we will talk about online education, that is, mini programs. Many industries have settled in mini programs, including education industry.

Here the editor will share with you the functional solution for the development of educational mini programs. The content is for reference only. I hope it can help everyone.

Introduction to educational applet development functional solutions
Educational Mini Program

1. Course classification. The mini program classifies all courses, such as mathematics, Chinese, English, history and other categories. There are various sub-categories under each major category.

2. Course reservation. Students can reserve unpublished courses through the mini program. After making the reservation, students can receive timely notification information from the mini program when the course is released.

3. For video courses, educational institutions record each teaching course into a video and then upload it to the mini program. Students can view the video course replay through the mini program.

4. My Courses, where students can check the courses of the school of their choice, check the course progress in real time, and firmly grasp the study plan.

5. In the points mall, you can accumulate points every time you make a purchase. You can also receive points by signing in every day. The points can be used to purchase goods in the mall and can also be used to send courses.

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