Is there still a market for enterprise development of small programs?

Original title: Is there still a market for enterprise development of small programs?

Is there still a market for enterprise development of small programs?

With the rapid development of the Internet, small programs have emerged in endlessly. Today, when the market seems to be saturated, many companies or entrepreneurs can’t help but wonder, is there still a market for developing small programs?

According to Tencent’s financial report for the first quarter of 2020, the number of daily active users of mini programs has exceeded 400 million! Therefore, it can be seen from the data that mini programs are widely used, and more and more people are using mini programs. People are becoming more and more accustomed tosearching for mini program names through WeChat span>Usethe applet to see what is nearbyDoorStore applet, servicelike applet. LookWhatis delicious?Discount‘s. There are also various epidemic mini programs that came into being during the epidemic, such as the Suikangma mini program, etc., which are closely related to our lives, so the development of mini programs It still has great potential for development.

Is there still a market for enterprise development of small programs?

Although mini programs cannot replace APPs, everyone can still see the convenience brought by the powerful connection functions of mini programs in life. After developing a small program, you only need to use a simple QR code to access WeChat, which can open up online and offline channels. But how to stand out among the many small programs? This is what businesses need to consider.

Xiaopao Technology will take the following examples to analyze the development of small programs that have huge market potential, and see if they can help you expand your business thinking.

1.Fresh food community applet

There are a large number of residents in the community. What most residents need to solve every day must be food and clothing. The emergence of fresh food stores allows residents of nearby communities to buy fresh food at the store. With the development of the mobile Internet, stores can actually choose to develop fresh food community mini-programs. Users only need to use the WeChat mini-program to select nearby fresh food stores within three kilometers online to purchase fresh food at home. Save time and effort, more convenient way to purchase. Stores create private traffic by developing fresh food community mini-programs, and can occasionally carry out promotional activities to stimulate user consumption, increase fresh food store sales, improve community residents’ consumption experience, while also reducing store operating costs and increasing store brand awareness.

Is there still a market for enterprise development of small programs?

2. Life service applet

Daily life services are closely related to people. Life service companies may also wish to expand their thinking and develop corresponding life service mini programs for their own industries. Just like a chain barber shop I often visit, the company has developed a small program that allows users to make an appointment with a barber and go to the store for a haircut. This can be more intuitive and allows users to choose a suitable time for haircuts at off-peak hours. There are many more life service applets, such as placing restaurant orders, booking part-time workers, and finding housing, which also offer endless potential business opportunities.

Is there still a market for enterprise development of small programs?

3. E-commerce live broadcast mini program

It will be launched after passing the public beta in February 2020 and is open to the public. Merchants do not need to upload qualifications and can quickly start live broadcasting. The low threshold has won everyone’s recognition. Today’s Internet has been occupied by e-commerce live broadcasts. E-commerce live broadcasts are widely loved by users for their high interactivity, fun, and diverse content. On this basis, companies can develop e-commerce live broadcast applets. , by connecting to the mall and uploading products, you can achieve the purpose of shopping while watching live broadcasts, increase product sales, and make better profits.

 Is there still a market for enterprise development of small programs?

The mini program market still contains huge dividends. Companies should improve their own ideas to seize mini programs. Chance. Regarding the development of small programs, companies can choose to build their own teams or choose Internet outsourcing companies for development, and can choose native development or template development.

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