Characteristics and functions of e-commerce mini program development

Mini programs are a popular Internet product nowadays, and naturally have their own special charm. Mini programs do not need to be installed, and they do not need to occupy desktop space. By registering an account on the WeChat official website, you can develop mini programs on the framework, which is more convenient than APP development. There are more, and the development cost is relatively low.

In terms of functionality, there is no doubt about the functionality of the APP and the perfection of the three-party support. However, for most small and medium-sized businesses, the functionality of the mini program is sufficient to meet their needs and the development time is short. With these points, mini programs have conquered most merchants and individual entrepreneurs!

Characteristics and functions of e-commerce mini program development
E-commerce mini program

General retail not only needs a front room, but also needs to be carefully decorated. Therefore, it is time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive, which also discourages many people. In contrast, the new retail brought by mini-program e-commerce can not only save a lot of money, but also greatly shorten the operation preparation time. The more critical point is that it does not have many requirements for the qualifications of merchants. As long as they have a mobile phone and a good idea, everyone can do new retail through mini programs. Today, with the development of e-commerce in full swing, the contribution of small program e-commerce cannot be ignored. Why are mini programs so popular in the e-commerce industry? Huashang Technology will briefly share with you

1. The advantage of the mini program is that it can be used directly through the WeChat entrance without downloading and installation, and does not occupy the memory of the mobile phone. Due to the memory limitations of mobile phones, most users prefer to download only the apps of a few giant e-commerce platforms. Users of non-giant e-commerce platforms have lower access costs through mini programs.

2. E-commerce mini-programs do not require installation and registration, and can be quickly opened by scanning the QR code. Compared with apps that need to be downloaded and used, the promotion conversion rate is higher.

3. The development cost of e-commerce mini-programs is lower, and the entry cost of brand merchants is lower.

4. E-commerce mini-programs rely on WeChat to have the advantage of social sharing.

5. E-commerce mini programs can use WeChat video accounts and official accounts to create a content ecosystem to empower mini programs.

What are the main functions of e-commerce mini programs?

1. Product search: Search for the products you need online. You can browse multiple pictures of the products, so you can shop at any time.

2. Merchant settlement: The platform sets the threshold for merchants to settle in, and scans the QR code with one click to obtain the merchant’s contact information, making the service more secure.

3. Collect products: Collect your favorite products and quickly find them in your personal center to create a fast and simple shopping experience

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