NFT digital collections: six issues you must understand when playing with digital collections

Some issues you must understand about NFT

Overall, the supply of overseas NFT markets exceeds demand. The complete liberalization of the secondary market has led to the concentration of transaction volume on a few projects, and the sales popularity of specific NFT projects is different from that of their creators. There are strong uncertainties related to the popularity, project operation mechanism, event marketing and other factors.

NFT digital collections: six issues you must understand when playing with digital collections
Digital Collection

At the same time, digital collection trading platforms endorsed by domestic authorities have low product release frequency, low pricing, and have not opened the secondary market. The platform is in short supply, so digital collections The trading platform has more bargaining power.

As my country’s regulatory policies for digital collections gradually improve in the future, the release channels and secondary trading markets for digital collections will also be further improved, and the core competitiveness of digital collections will be endorsed by the issuer Transformed into factors such as content quality and operating mechanism.

Six questions you must understand when playing with digital collections:

1. The essence of digital is digital assets

According to my country’s current laws and regulations, digital collections cannot be digital currencies or digital securities. Digital collections can only be digital commodities. Commodities are assets. Therefore, digital commodities are digital assets.

2. The carrier of numbers is data files

The content presented by digital collections can be text, pictures, audio, videos, 3D models, etc. Digital collections exist in the form of data files.

3. Property rights that digital collections must possess

Assets must be expressed in the form of property rights, which are ownership rights, including rights of possession, use, income, and disposal. Therefore, digital collections must have complete property rights, that is, the owners of digital collections must enjoy the property rights of digital collections.

4, digital collections derived from copyright

At present, the vast majority of digital collections are the product of copyright, and they mainly come in two forms. One is native digital works, which are digital twins of traditional works. For example, digital collections issued by museums, which are currently attracting the attention of many collection enthusiasts, belong to the digital twin type of artworks.

5. How to determine the legality of digital collections

Issuers and collectors of digital collections can determine whether digital collections are legal from three aspects.

(1) Whether the digital collection really exists? Digital collections must be cast in accordance with the “one object, one file” method. Multiple digital collections cannot share one data file.

(2) Whether digital collections have property rights, the purchaser must be able to truly obtain ownership of the digital collection, that is, obtain the data files of the digital collection, and no institution can deprive the collector of the property rights.

(3) Digital collections cannot be pirated products. Digital collections must undergo copyright review to prevent digital collections from becoming a new model of infringement and piracy.

6. How to purchase legal digital collections

At present, digital collections issued on the market basically do not have property rights certificates. On the one hand, it is unclear what rights and interests the digital collections enjoy. On the other hand, after the digital collections are traded, there will also be problems with the transfer of rights and interests. Buying digital collections with property rights certificates Digital collections are a legal and compliant way to invest in digital collections.

Digital is the inevitable product of the coordinated development of “culture, technology and finance” in the digital economy era, and will bring about a revolution in the digitization of cultural assets and the transaction of digital cultural assets!

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