How to start developing WeChat public platform?

The WeChat public account is a self-media platform that everyone is more familiar with. It is a medium based on the WeChat client. The WeChat public platform is a self-media that almost every company will do. So how to attract traffic and fans after the WeChat public platform is developed? Woolen cloth?

How to start developing WeChat public platform?
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Here the editor will briefly share with you the methods and techniques. The content is for reference only. I hope it can help friends in need.

1. To attract traffic and fans through offline QR codes, that is to print the QR code of the official account on the product packaging of your company. You can also attract traffic through offline activities. For example, you can scan the code to follow and receive something for free. Such activities are very practical. Make good use of your offline resources to attract the attention of a large number of users, and put QR codes in as many places as possible to attract more people’s attention.

2. Attract customers through content. What kind of content can attract customers? First, analyze what users focus on and what content they like to see. Then create according to the needs of users, so that users can have content after reading this content. What you gain can even be forwarded to your circle of friends. Of course, this is a rational effect. To achieve this effect, you need to continue to explore and create to slowly achieve it.

3. Attract fans through online activities. For example, you can get free consumption coupons by sharing in your circle of friends, or you can get cash rewards by inviting users to follow, or you can get a free product by sharing in a group chat, and other related activities can be used.

4. Use other self-media platforms for traffic promotion, such as Zhihu, Jianshu, Douban and other platforms are better, but you should pay attention to the methods and methods. Do not put the QR code directly. You can write the name of the WeChat official account and directly QR code. QR codes can easily be blocked.

Regarding the issue of how to attract traffic and fans when developing WeChat public platform, I will share it here first. If you also have related needs for WeChat public platform development, you can contact customer service and tell us your needs. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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