Detailed introduction to outsourcing APP development process

Outsourcing APP development, the detailed process is as follows, I hope it can help you.

Detailed introduction to outsourcing APP development process
APP development process

APP requirement clarification stage

1. Discussion on APP requirements

Communicate with customers, what functions to make, including: APP development industry type, platform to be developed, detailed product functions need to be outsourced APP development, detailed description of each process, pure dry goods! Requirements, clear product design ideas, expected delivery time, cost budget, through repeated research, discussion, and prototype production.

2. APP project evaluation

After making the interaction plan, the APP finds the corresponding development to discuss whether the demand plan is feasible, including the technical difficulty of functional requirements, the feasibility and experience evaluation of the evaluation design requirements, the expected completion time of the project, and the actual development cost.

3. APP technology development and design planning

At the beginning of the project, each department started the meeting of the project. The design department began to design UI (product interface) and UE (user experience), and carried out creative design for the product, forming a preliminary rendering, which was confirmed by the first customer. After making secondary revisions based on the specific results of the communication, and finally confirming the high-fidelity visual map with the customer, it began to enter the research and development stage.

APP development stage

1. APP project start

APP development conducts requirements review based on product requirements documents, and evaluates the APP development cycle, testing time, APP pre-release time point, and APP official release time point.

2. APP development process

Front-end development – program development – interface docking – third-party access (Alipay, etc.) – regular project meeting communication and control of project development progress – development budget audit.

3. APP test

Synchronous testing of multi-model platforms for product-oriented platforms, including: App content testing, App performance testing, App functional testing, App visual testing, and debugging and repairing of BUGs. After passing the test and confirming that there are no bugs, communicate with the customer and start acceptance. Tested by the customer and proposed amendments.

APP release stage

The following materials need to be prepared in advance before the release: It takes about a week for Apple’s APP store to review an app, and the Android market generally takes about 3 days for review. Therefore, if it is a project with a planned launch time, the development test must be completed one week to half a month in advance to allow time for the launch review.

From the perspective of the above APP project development process, each version development has to go through the above 3 stages and 12 links. From the theoretical diagram, it looks like a complete assembly line, but how to ensure the smooth progress of the process? How to maximize the efficiency of project members? This is a great test of the version planning ability of the product manager/project manager. Of course, the tacit understanding and communication among project members are also very important.

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