What functions are needed to develop an employee shift management applet?

Nowadays, many factories or enterprise positions implement a scheduling system, which makes full and reasonable use of human resources through scheduling. In order to better promote layout management, employee shift management applet is currently a popular form of mobile Internet office.

What functions are needed to develop an employee shift management applet?
Scheduling applet

Employee shift management applet development function

1. Employee registration: Register an account with your mobile phone number, fill in your job number, position information, contact information and other personal information to facilitate communication between managers and employees.

2. Employee shift application: After applying through employee shift management, you can apply for shift adjustment, shift adjustment or online. Managers can adjust shift information in a timely manner based on the information, and can record data online.

3. Information notification push: Scheduling information, holiday notices and various notifications are pushed to everyone’s mobile phone in real time through mini programs, with a higher transmission rate.

4. Self-service management: Set up self-service management of related shift information and labor information. If you want to view or match related information, it can be done automatically, reducing the work burden.

5. Employee schedule export: You can export monthly or weekly employee attendance schedule through the employee schedule export function.

6. Attendance and clock-in function: Employees can clock in online to record each attendance when they go to work. There is an advance reminder function in the background to avoid missing or forgetting to clock in.

7. Report information statistics: Daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly attendance data can be exported through the backend management system to facilitate the work of managers.

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