Website registration: domain name and server do not need to be in the same service provider

Many customers have a question when building websites: I bought my domain name a long time ago from Wanwang, but now I want to buy a Tencent Cloud server. Can I register it? Such problems not only arise when communicating face-to-face with customers. Recently, in the website statistics, it was found that many netizens are also searching for similar problems. It is necessary to share it with everyone here.

Website registration: domain name and server do not need to be in the same service provider
Website registration

If the domain name and server space are not in the same service provider, access registration can be carried out. The registration process is consistent with the ordinary registration process. After access and registration, the domain name can be resolved to the new server IP. Currently, our domestic website registration system does not require that the domain name and server service provider must be the same.

For example, Wanwang was acquired by Alibaba Cloud several years ago. Obviously, it has nothing to do with Tencent Cloud. However, Wanwang’s domain name plus Tencent Cloud’s server can be filed, and it is For registration through Tencent Cloud, the access service provider is Tencent Cloud.

It is recommended that everyone’s website be registered: because many occasions now require website registration, such as Baidu promotion, WeChat applets, etc.

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