Steps and processes of mini program development

Recently, I keep hearing friends say, “How difficult is it to develop a small program?” or “What division of labor is required to complete the development of a small program?”

Therefore, today I will talk about the development of small programs from a development perspective.

Steps and processes of mini program development
Mini program development

Generally speaking, there are several steps to develop a small program:

1. Prototype design and UI design

If you have a designer on your team, you don’t even need a product manager. Just draw the first draft by hand to complete the UI design of the mini program.

2. Front-end development

It is recommended to use WeChat development tools here. Of course, other tools that support js, css, etc. are also available. The mini program essentially uses front-end development, with the wx- prefix added.

3. Back-end development

Front-end development/client development are all things you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands. Back-end development refers to dealing with functional logic, conditional judgment, verification and other issues.

For example, PMTalk members can view the experience report, but non-members can only browse the cover. This is back-end development.

4. Server knowledge

Server knowledge, for example, a Linux system is used as a server, and the server is operated using the command line, not the mouse. All back-end codes must be run on the server, which can be understood as a A computer that cannot be shut down 24 hours a day.

Small teams perform maintenance on back-end development, while large companies have dedicated operations and maintenance to do this. Without a server, there would be no place for data storage and interaction. Your products will not be usable, so you can see that Tencent, Alibaba, and Apple will choose to place their computer rooms in places where there is supervision and a moderate ambient temperature. The first is convenient maintenance, the second is low cost, and the third is that servers are based on hardware.

5. The most troublesome thing about mini programs is review

After completing the above 4 steps, you can have a localized, stand-alone version of the mini program. To really allow others to use it, you have to pass WeChat review. If a small program is not certified, it will be very difficult to pass the review. Of course, you can complete your own development tasks and stand-alone debugging, and your small program will be completed.

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