How to use the WeChat pat function? What’s the use of taking a photo on WeChat? What is the function?

What is the use of WeChat’s “Clap” function

What’s the point of taking a photo on WeChat? what’s the function? In fact, when we see this, it is like the QQ window shaking. Some friends have sent us messages or files, but we have not responded, so they shake us. As a reminder, the same message is actually sent to WeChat. For example, if you send a message or file to the other party and there is no reply, you can take a picture of your friend as a reminder.

WeChat, take a shot
WeChat, take a shot

What is the function of the “Pai Yi Pai” function launched on WeChat?

User experience perspective: alleviating social fear

Nowadays, WeChat has become a medium for life and work. In life, there are family groups, best friend groups, etc., and in work, there are work groups. The @ function and “group to-do” that were launched early have a strong reminder function. They point directly to a certain person. People or a group of people make people feel uncomfortable, because as long as the strong reminder function is used, regardless of whether the other party sees it or not, they are known by default. “Clap” appears gentle and is a lightweight way of saying hello. It serves as a reminder and interaction for users, but it is not too intrusive and can be more easily accepted.

Social perspective: Enhance social fun with acquaintances

The action of “shooting” is relatively life-like and is easier to spread among acquaintances, creating a new life scene. Compared with “Are you there”-style greetings, “Clap” can better reach friends, increase mutual social fun, and make greetings no longer awkward.

Operation perspective: Promote user activity

By double-clicking the other party’s avatar and “patting” the other party, it can trigger interaction between the two parties and bring them closer to each other, thus activating the users. This function has made many WeChat groups active within one day of its launch, and some even changed their group nicknames to prank each other. This can undoubtedly eliminate some strangeness among group members, strengthen mutual interaction, and revitalize WeChat groups.

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