Can developing small programs become a customer development platform?

The marketing methods of the Internet are constantly changing with the development of the times. In 2015, when many people did not know the official account, many grassroots Vs have emerged and achieved financial freedom. Nowadays, Mini programs are undoubtedly the “new favorite” in the Internet economy, so many companies have questions. If I choose to develop a mini program, can I really become a customer expansion platform?

Can developing small programs become a customer development platform?
Mini program development

Let’s take a look at the editor’s comprehensive analysis below.

1. Marketing upgrade

Both traditional marketing and Internet marketing methods have made current users feel “weak” and unable to achieve very good results. However, the mini program platform can add innovative marketing methods to them, such as points membership method, group fight and flash sale method, The gameplay of recharging to get discount coupons, etc., allows the marketing gameplay to be continuously combined and upgraded, and generates good attracting user traffic and the best effect of order conversion when entering the mini program.

2. Customer prospecting scenario

After merchants or enterprises enter the WeChat mini program, they will choose clear customer expansion marketing activities based on their own industries. When targeted, online customer expansion becomes more direct and simple, and it is no longer a matter of blind investment. Major platforms now spend time exploring their users. Instead, they choose online marketing activities that fit the user’s psychology based on the target user group, so as to quickly acquire customers and generate communication and conversion.

3. Improve customer development

So compared to the previous traditional customer acquisition process, it was impossible to achieve split communication and complete maintenance, but WeChat mini programs can do it based on the WeChat ecological environment, whether through push marketing associated with official accounts Product activities, as well as community warm-up and maintenance before and after purchase, have improved the customer acquisition process to reduce user loss and inability to maintain.

After the editor introduced the WeChat mini program, it is not difficult to see that it is a very good carrier platform whether it is selling products or maintaining customers, maximizing order revenue.

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