What are the main functions of the development and production of decoration mini programs?

Original title: Functions of decoration applet development

With the arrival of mobile Internet, all walks of life have pointed their finger at mini programs, and the arrival of mini programs has also provided an effective channel for industry reform. The traditional decoration industry has problems such as opaque charging and opaque service processes, making it difficult to meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop small decoration programs. So what is the function of developing a decoration applet?

Decoration app development and production
Decoration app development and production

What are the main functions of the decoration applet:

1. Case display: How can we make customers choose with more confidence? Providing relevant cases is a direct method. Customers can show detailed understanding through cases, and use mini programs to display cases more comprehensively.

2. Online consultation: When users encounter problems in the process of choosing to obtain services, they can directly conduct online consultation through the mini program, so that the problem can be better solved.

3. Online appointment: Users can directly make an appointment for decoration services with the store through the mini program. Visiting the model house can also make an appointment through the mini program, which is convenient for users and merchants.

4. Service evaluation: After the service is completed, users can evaluate the service through the mini program, thereby providing a selection criterion for other users.

5. Decoration customization: In addition to traditional decoration services, the mini program will also provide users with corresponding customized decoration services to fully meet users’ personalized needs for decoration.

6. Decoration progress: Through the mini program, customers can learn about the progress and progress of the decoration project online without having to keep an eye on it every day. It is very convenient to change the previous way of obtaining the progress of the decoration project.

Mini programs developed in the decoration industry can provide customers with better demonstration work cases, high-quality galleries, and designer portfolios, comprehensively display the image and design concepts of the decoration company, and can also guide online users to make decoration appointments and quotation consultations to obtain more Serve.

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