Functional requirements analysis for educational software development

The necessity of online classroom education. The use of teaching apps can fully solve the problems in the traditional teaching process, such as the lack of interaction among students during class, focusing only on classroom education and ignoring extracurricular activities, single teaching locations, difficulty in tracking students, and the inability to repeat learning in class.

So what are the necessary functions for us to develop an educational software, and can it be solved well? The editor will briefly share it with you below.

Functional requirements analysis for educational software development
Education APP

Functional requirements analysis for educational software development

1. Classroom presentation: Classroom presentation can be said to be a window that can display each student’s learning course, and can also modify the course by searching and uploading it.

2. Online registration: Students can register for various course training online.

3. Audition Q&A: Students can ask questions through online Q&A, and can also complete homework and learning tasks through online audition.

4. Display teachers: Display your own teachers through the app, allowing users to recognize the professionalism of the company and feel confident choosing the company for training.

5. Online courseware: Check learning materials at any time, take out your mobile phone, and click on the app to review the last teaching content, which greatly improves learning efficiency.

6. Teaching videos: It provides students with the convenience of taking classes anytime, anywhere without space restrictions. There are many learning videos on the online education app, and you can watch them at any time just by connecting to wifi.

7. Online redemption: Users can exchange experience, upload learning materials, and exchange learning information with other users to improve user experience.

8. Personal center: contains the user’s personal information, learning progress, exchange records, etc.

9. Information management: The background needs to provide students’ detailed information management system, but the security of students’ information must be ensured.

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