What are the functions of WeChat public platform development?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet and the continuous increase of online marketing channels, the cost of traffic has become higher and higher. From the huge free traffic in the early development period of the Internet to the scarcity of traffic now, all major enterprises have basically encountered traffic problems. In the bottleneck period, I believe many companies are still worried about slow fans and poor marketing and promotion effects.

Have you ever tried the development of WeChat, the most advantageous marketing channel at the moment? Maybe many companies have already used WeChat to promote their brands, but they find it ineffective. That may be because your WeChat official account is no longer sufficient. The diversified needs of users require in-depth development of WeChat public accounts and customization of functional modules that suit them, in order to maximize the marketing role of WeChat. So what are the functions of WeChat public account development? The following is Let’s take you through it in detail.

What are the functions of WeChat public platform development?
Mini program development

1. Can be used as a mobile marketing channel for enterprises

Quickly promote corporate marketing activities. Micro-activities and micro-offers can inform fans of the company’s latest promotions in a timely and effective manner, making it easier for fans to participate in corporate brand interactive activities and increase interaction between the two parties, thereby deepening brand communication and reducing corporate marketing costs. After an enterprise develops WeChat, it can promptly and quickly deliver product or service information to fans to promote transactions. Through micropayment, users can quickly and easily complete product selection and order payment.

2. Can be used as a research channel for consumers

The mobile Internet has brought about the era of experience economy, and user experience will become the core competitiveness of enterprises. It includes product experience, service experience, brand experience, logistics experience and other aspects, and the survey data of these aspects can be passed through the enterprise’s Using the WeChat Member Center to obtain accurate and useful real-time feedback from users will not only help enterprises make operational adjustments, but also save them a large amount of research funds.

3. Can become a customer CRM management channel

The development of WeChat public channels can help companies reach users themselves in real time and free of charge, shorten the marketing cycle and reduce marketing costs. As a natural communication tool for users, WeChat greatly facilitates communication between users and companies. In particular, integrating WeChat with the company’s original CRM system enables manual access by multiple people, further improving customer service satisfaction. Through the WeChat Member Center, you can understand users’ needs in real time and complete precise marketing.

4. Can be used as an official mobile website for enterprises

In the PC era, enterprises need official websites to provide information inquiry. In the mobile Internet era, enterprises still need such official websites. Mobile official websites will become a very important information entrance. Users only need to remember the company nickname and search for the WeChat public account to obtain company introduction, product services, contact information and other information, without the need to log in to the website to query, which saves users the time of switching between mobile phones and PCs, and improves user experience.

The above is the role of the development of WeChat public channels and the benefits it brings to enterprises. Therefore, it can be seen that we should not stay on traditional marketing methods. If enterprises want to achieve better development, they must first follow the footsteps of the times and seize the opportunity. Only by accurately identifying opportunities, using new channels, and exploring more functions that others do not have, can we capture more market dividends, better carry out corporate marketing and promotion, and obtain higher profits.

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