Campus service all-in-one card applet, fully upgraded functions to help campus life

With the development of technology, mobile Internet has penetrated into every aspect of our lives. In campus life, in order to facilitate the daily needs of students and faculty, the campus service card applet came into being.

Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some functions of the campus service card applet, so that you can better understand how it brings convenience to campus life.

1. Access control system

One of the core functions of the campus service card applet is the access control system. By binding the campus card to the mini program, students and faculty can easily enter and exit the campus through multiple methods such as facial recognition, card swiping, and password input. At the same time, the mini program can also view access control records in real time, making it easier for administrators to monitor campus security.

2. Consumption settlement

The campus service card applet can also realize consumption settlement function. Students and faculty can use the mini program to make settlements in various consumption places such as canteens and supermarkets without having to carry cash or physical cards, which greatly improves consumption efficiency. In addition, the mini program will also generate bills based on consumption records to facilitate users to query and manage personal consumption.

Campus service all-in-one card applet, fully upgraded functions to help campus life

3. Repair management

Equipment breakdowns and maintenance issues are inevitable in campus life. The campus service card applet provides maintenance application management functions to facilitate students and faculty to submit maintenance applications. By filling in relevant information, such as repair items, degree of damage, etc., the system will automatically assign maintenance personnel to handle it. At the same time, users can also check the progress of repair reports online to ensure that the repair work is carried out smoothly.

4. Event registration

In order to enrich students and faculty members’ spare time, the campus service card applet also provides an event registration function. Users can view information on various activities held by the school on the mini program, such as academic lectures, artistic performances, sports competitions, etc., and can directly sign up online to participate. This not only facilitates user participation, but also helps increase the participation and influence of campus activities.

5. Score Inquiry

For students, score inquiry is an important function. The campus service card applet can help users check course scores, test scores, etc. online without going to the Academic Affairs Office or classroom to collect paper transcripts. At the same time, users can also set score reminders to keep abreast of their learning status and provide reference for subsequent learning.

6. Personal information management

The campus service card applet also provides personal information management functions. Users can modify personal information on the mini program, such as name, student number, contact information, etc., to facilitate effective communication between schools and relevant departments and users. In addition, users can also view personal consumption records, repair request records and other information on the mini program to understand their consumption and repair request history.

The campus service all-in-one card applet brings great convenience to students and faculty with its rich functions. In the future, with the continuous development of technology, I believe that the campus service card applet will continue to be upgraded and improved, bringing more surprises to campus life.

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