WeChat business system-price difference income in WeChat distribution mall system

You may have heard of the distribution mall system, or you may have heard of the spread income. Today, let’s talk about the spread income in the distribution mall system.

WeChat business system-price difference income in WeChat distribution mall system
Micro-business system

First, let’s define what spread income is.

That is, we have an order, and the price may be relatively low. Then I introduce a dealer, and his entire order price may be relatively high. His order price minus my order price, this price difference is regarded as a profit, this is the price difference. Gained.

Then spread income and two-level distribution fees usually do not exist at the same time in the same system.

So how to choose?

When a dealer introduces a dealer to the next level to place an order, we should give him a reasonable bonus system. In this case, the price difference is usually used.

If the brand maintains a unified order price for its distributors, its main goal is to continuously fission through the distributors to create more distributors to directly purchase goods from the headquarters, usually using a two-level commission.

We can also say this, that is, the price of goods for everyone in the price difference income is different, but the price of goods for the second-level commission is unified.

And the way they make money is also different.

So whichever is more suitable for your industry, you can choose to use price difference income or two-level commission. However, there is no better or worse between the two, but they are different and cannot be compared. I can only say that One is more suitable for use in a certain scene.

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