Introduction to the functional advantages of Shanghai AI recognition applet development

Original title: Introduction to the functional advantages of Hefei AI recognition applet development

With the development of some big data, intelligent recognition technology is also developing, just like flower recognition technology and some code scanning recognition technology are also developing.

An AI recognition applet has been developed. Users can follow the applet through code scanning and automatically start the recognition applet’s functions, such as flower recognition, simple text recognition, etc.

Make it easier and more convenient for users to identify these items.

Introduction to the functional advantages of Hefei AI recognition applet development

1. What are the common functional modes used in the development of AI recognition applets?

1. Users follow AI-identified mini programs: Currently, there are two main ways for users to follow mini programs. One is to follow the mini program name directly, and the other is to follow the use of the corresponding mini program by scanning the QR code. Similar to using AI to identify small programs, it is of course also one of the ways to identify and search by scanning QR codes.

2. Scan code recognition function in the mini program: The code scan recognition function means that the user directly starts the recognition function by scanning the code in the mini program, and the camera scans and identifies the corresponding items. Of course, only by obtaining corresponding recognition technology can we identify the corresponding items, such as flower recognition, text recognition, and other different methods.

3. Article information introduction details: There are many small programs with code scanning functions. When the user scans the code to identify the corresponding small program, the identified article will be introduced in detail. Through these information details, we can know the specific information details of the corresponding articles, and it also facilitates people’s understanding of these articles.

2. What are the common application areas of AI recognition app development?

For example, some common recognition technology applets are mainly flower recognition applets, character recognition applets, and other common types of intelligent recognition applets. If there is a flower recognition applet, the character recognition applet is a commonly used intelligent recognition applet.

With the continuous development of big data technology, some technologies in the field of intelligence have also developed accordingly. The emergence of AI intelligent recognition software and its application in some fields have also brought more convenient services to current users’ daily consumption services. In addition, the launch of some products and the development of AI recognition applets allow you to learn more information.

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