How to transform a traditional restaurant into a shared restaurant?

How to transform a traditional restaurant into a shared restaurant business model:

First, share the vacant space in the restaurant with people in need and let them become shareholders of the store.

These shareholders do not participate in the original shares of the store, nor in the management of the store. They only enjoy the store’s dividends.

Second, employees can also become shareholders.

No need to invest money, set up a mechanism, the better the employees, the higher the dividends.

Third, old customers can also become marketers in our stores.

All referrals will receive a commission, and the system will automatically settle the payment and arrive in your account within seconds.

So how do you get old customers to refer you? For restaurants, the best way to attract customers is through referrals from old customers.

How to transform a traditional restaurant into a shared restaurant?
Shared restaurant

So how to increase the referral rate of old customers?

Two points need to be mastered.

First, seize the opportunity.

Does your restaurant have some customers who recognized you very much in the past, but over time, the frequency of their visits to the restaurant has gradually decreased? Why?

Because no matter how delicious the food is, there will be a day when you get tired of it, so when old customers recognize you the most, it is the best time to ask them to recommend you. Once you miss this opportunity, it will be difficult to make referrals.

Second, get your employees moving.

Because employees are the ones closest to customers, you don’t know which customers recognize the store the most, but your employees do. So if your employees don’t seize this opportunity to provide guidance, then your store’s referral rate will be certain. Not too high.

The above is the answer to the question of how to transform a traditional restaurant into a shared restaurant business model.

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