How do individuals create mini programs?

Original title: How do individuals create mini programs?

Nowadays, mini programs are becoming more and more popular. Many businesses and individuals want to sell things through mini programs. So how to sell things through mini programs?

How do individuals create mini programs?

How to sell things in a mini program?

In fact, all you need to do is open the WeChat mall. Let’s take a look together!

How do individuals create mini programs?

1. Log in to the official WeChat platform, select the mini program, and follow the system prompts to register and complete a mini program.

2. If the individual is a developer and has development experience. Just take a look at WeChat’s development documents, cases and the structural syntax of mini programs, and use code to develop and produce mini program malls.

3. If you don’t understand code or how to develop small programs, you have the following options:

Option 1: Develop with your own existing development team or form a team for development. Mini programs require a lot of things, including front-end and back-end. A mini program with display and online sales is more complicated. Of course, some people can independently develop a mini program, but the corresponding development progress will be slower. In addition, the salary of this type of developers is not low, which is more suitable for large enterprises with strong financial support.

Option 2: Find a professional development company to outsource development. Write down your requirements directly, and the outsourcing company will develop according to your needs. Once the development is completed, you can directly use the product. Of course, this will also take a certain amount of time, and the price will not be much cheaper. The salary level of the type of work is not low, plus professional sex, the high price makes sense.

Option 3: Third-party platform development, such as “Code Element” and other third-party platforms. This can be regarded as neutralizing the first two needs. Merchants and individuals can directly go to the third-party platform mini program platform to select templates, choose the templates they want, and add components according to their own needs. There is no need to worry about the templates being difficult to use. The platform will Regular upgrades and maintenance do not require development time. You can go online after editing the settings. You do not need to configure the server yourself, etc., and functions will be added in time.

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