Can I develop a mobile APP with a few hundred yuan?

A customer told us a short story before. He learned about a person who developed mobile APPs for cheap somewhere on the Internet, and then communicated with him very smoothly. After-sales service, quality assurance, etc. were all promised. No problem going up there.

Can I develop a mobile APP with a few hundred yuan?
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But when the payment was made, it was said to be a WeChat transfer. The customer did not hesitate at all and transferred it directly. Then when he went to find the person a few days later, he found that he had been blocked, and there were no previous contact channels. .

What does this little story tell us? Just don’t trust everything on the Internet. Don’t take it lightly, whether it’s a project worth hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands. Don’t regret it when you get deceived. You can simply think about what types of mobile APPs are generally developed? There are probably three types of templates, customization, and source code development. No matter which one, the price will not be as low as a few hundred yuan.

Let’s talk about template development first. The development company uses the previous mobile APP development template to apply to you and modify it into the interface and style you want. Generally, the template development cycle is about seven working days, and it may be faster. Specifically The situation depends on the needs of the customer. Generally, this kind of template development starts at least a few thousand, and more expensive ones can cost tens of thousands.

Then there is custom development. This development model is customized according to the specific development needs of the customer. Every interface, every function and even every button needs to be confirmed by the customer before proceeding to the next step of development. Everything They are all re-written one by one. Generally, this development model starts at least 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, and there are many more expensive ones, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions.

Another method is to purchase the source code and then carry out secondary development. This is when the customer takes a fancy to a certain APP, then goes to the development company to purchase the source code, and then takes the source code to a mobile APP development company for secondary development, and then achieves its own goals. It’s hard to say what the price is for the look you want. It may be cheaper and can be completed for a few thousand yuan, or it may be more expensive. It depends on the customer’s needs.

So can you develop a mobile APP with just a few hundred dollars?

Of course it doesn’t work. Generally speaking, the ones that can do it are either scammers or they give you a very rubbish app and you can hardly modify anything and have very few functions.

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