Functions of talent recruitment applet development

Original title: Functions of Talent Recruitment Mini Program Development

Recruitment Mini Program is a comprehensive recruitment application and enterprise recruitment in vertical industries. It is suitable for more application scenarios, allowing the recruitment mini program to increase business value, and is committed to solving the difficulty of recruiting talents and finding jobs for enterprises. It is difficult for users to find jobs and help companies achieve accurate positioning and attract traffic by using nearby mini programs.

So what basic functions can be achieved by the development of recruitment mini-programs?

Function of talent recruitment applet development

Recruitment Mini Program has two ports: enterprise side and user side:

Enterprise end function introduction:

1. Job posting: Enterprises publish recruitment positions on the recruitment APP according to their own job needs, as well as the skills required for the positions.

2. Resume screening: Screen out suitable ones based on the resumes submitted by job seekers. You can also screen publicly released resumes.

3. Invitation to interview: When suitable resumes are screened, job seekers can be scheduled for interviews through the contact window.

4. Video interview: In response to the current impact, people can participate in interviews without going out. This has prompted recruitment apps to add video interview functions.

User port function introduction:

1. Job display: Job seekers can see recruitment information for various positions in various industries when they open the APP.

2. Job search: It is convenient for users to find the job they want to find in a large number of recruitment information.

3. Job consultation: Job seekers can further communicate with corporate HR about the jobs they are interested in.

4. Resume delivery: Job seekers can choose to submit their resume with one click for positions they are particularly interested in.

5. Delivery results: What is the result after the resume is delivered? A reply can be given to the job seeker within a reasonable period of time.

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