• Functions of talent recruitment applet development

    Original title: Functions of Talent Recruitment Mini Program Development Recruitment Mini Program is a comprehensive recruitment application and enterprise recruitment in vertical industries. It is suitable for more application scenarios, allowing the recruitment mini program to increase business value, and is committed to solving the difficulty of recruiting talents and finding jobs for enterprises. It is difficult for users to find jobs and help companies achieve accurate positioning and attract traffic by using nearby mini programs. So what basic functions can be achieved by the development of recruitment mini-programs? Recruitment…

  • WeChat job account development company: related technologies for WeChat official account development

    The WeChat official account is a social platform developed based on Tencent, which is used to connect users with various official accounts such as service accounts and subscription accounts. The development of WeChat public accounts mainly uses technologies such as front-end development, back-end development, WeChat open platform, development tools, databases, and third-party services. Developers can choose a suitable way to develop according to their own needs and technical background, so as to realize rich and personalized WeChat official account applications. Next, New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat public account development…