Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development Company: What are the functions of the Mini Program Mall?

Original title: What are the functions of the Mini Program Mall? What are the development methods?

With the development of mini programs, enterprises and merchants have seen the power of mini programs in attracting traffic, so the scope of its application is no longer limited to games and entertainment, but helps merchants attract customers, attract fans, sell online, deliver within the city, and door-to-door. Services etc.

Lan Chang Information Technology, a professional Shanghai mini program mall development company, will talk to you about: Introduction to mini program mall functions

Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development Company
Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development Company

1. Mini program mall product display function:

Product display is a must for mall mini-programs and mini-program malls. Here you need to use store decoration and homepage design to display products to users on the page, so that users can learn more about the products and view product information, so as to increase the number of users. Single rate.

2. Mini program mall product management:

The mall’s product management system can help merchants quickly put products on and off the shelves and adjust products in a timely manner.

3. Mini Program Mall Member Management System:

After merchants open the membership management system, they can clearly understand the grouping and levels of members.

4. Mini program mall order management:

Merchants can learn about mall order information through the order management system, view it with one click, and make batch shipments easily.

5. Mini Program Mall Marketing Center:

The marketing center has many marketing functions that merchants can set up by themselves, such as coupons, group buying, flash sales, bargaining, points mall and other activities to help promote and attract traffic.

6. Mini program mall financial system:

This is a must-have, because with this system, merchants can master all financial information in the mall applet, and bill information can also be exported with one click.

7. Mini program mall store management:

Open up online + offline, realize the interoperability of physical stores and mall mini-programs, and also recommend nearby stores based on the buyer’s location.

8. Mini program mall online customer service function:

Because it is shopping online, users will have some questions during the shopping process. At this time, an online customer service function is needed, so that users can directly contact customers, and customers can answer questions for users. Not only improve user experience, but also increase user purchase rate.

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