Functions developed by tutoring applet

Original title: Functions of tutoring applet development

For children, parents’ companionship is undoubtedly an indispensable part of their growth. The epidemic has allowed more parents to have sufficient time to accompany their children, but it has also exposed many problems, especially regarding children’s learning. To answer the problem, many parents are not qualified to guide their children’s homework, and the quickest solution is to answer it through tutoring and learning. So what are the functions of tutoring and learning development?

Function of tutoring applet development

Functions of tutoring applet:

1. Online reservation:

In order to facilitate access to tutoring services, the mini program will provide online appointment services, allowing users to carefully reserve tutors according to their own needs.

2. Service evaluation:

In order to make tutoring services more comprehensive and more home-like, the mini program will provide corresponding service evaluation functions. Users can make corresponding evaluations based on their own experience.

3. Fee payment:

The mini program can help users perform real-time billing, and the fees will be automatically transferred to the tutor’s account when the tutor is finished.

4. Place an order online:

When users need tutoring, they can place orders online directly through the mini program. In this way, you can quickly obtain tutoring services.

Tutoring Learning can help students and parents quickly find tutors and educational institutions anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the Tutoring Mini Program can bring together strong teachers to meet the needs of tutors from all walks of life, thereby effectively solving the problem of tutor supply and demand.

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