Three major functions that companies must have when building e-commerce websites

Three major functions that enterprises must have when building e-commerce websites

Three major functions that an enterprise must have when building an e-commerce website. Many companies now have their own product sales channels, which are so-called mall websites. Users can not only select, purchase, place orders, and request after-sales service functions on the website, but also participate in a series of flash sales, group purchases, etc. Promotions. This type of mall website is difficult to build, the development cost is also very high, and it requires dedicated maintenance. The later website operation is very important. If the website is not operated well, the construction value of the entire mall website will not be reflected at all. So, what functions are essential for building a shopping mall website?

Three major functions that companies must have when building e-commerce websites
E-commerce mall

1. Member functions

The construction of the mall website must fully take into account the needs of the member groups, and member functions must exist. When new users log in and register on the mall website, users can see more detailed content when browsing the website. At the same time, companies can use this information to select and push product information in a targeted manner.

2. Activity page display

Enterprises launching activities can bring more traffic and conversion rates, so event page display is one of the necessary functions for mall website construction. Launch some preferential activities on holidays, event days, etc. to attract users to purchase. At this time, a separate event page is needed for display and promotion to introduce the specific event methods and content. The design of this kind of page can attract a large number of users to participate in a short period of time, increase product sales, and thus improve the interests of the company.

3. Logistics system setup

In addition to fully considering all aspects of user purchasing, shopping mall website construction must also pay attention to the construction of logistics system functions to facilitate users to track logistics information in a timely and effective manner after placing orders, and to provide users with a more practical and effective experience.

When an enterprise builds a shopping mall website, it must make a reasonable design based on its own characteristics and provide users with more useful information and products in a targeted manner. Only then can sales be increased

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