An app for booking yoga classes? Can it be developed?

Original title: Mini program for booking yoga classes? Can it be developed?

Due to the popularization of health knowledge, many people have begun to realize that reasonable exercise can not only bring health, but also maintain a well-proportioned figure. Therefore, the rise of the yoga industry is very necessary, but traditional lines The way to promote yoga studios can be said to be slow promotion, few customer acquisitions, low conversions, etc., which require small programs to solve problems. So is there a small program for booking yoga classes? Can it be developed? There is!

Let’s introduce it in detail below.

A small program for booking yoga classes? Can it be developed?

Functional requirement point “Course Reservation”

During development, it is necessary to explain to the mini program developers that the main function implementation is biased towards “course reservation”. Basically, the yoga reservation functions in the existing market can directly allow users to enter the mini program for courses. The selection and reservation functions include the ability to select the type of personal training and view offline reservation records. Through more online additional functions, the reservation service can be further improved, making users feel a very convenient and fast course purchasing experience.

Basic function point “Marketing Activities”

Of course, in addition to the main course reservation function, the development of yoga applets must also have the most basic marketing activity functions, such as membership points, points mall, group purchase trial classes and other marketing online activities, which can assist yoga studios It plays a role in promoting courses online and maintaining new and old customers, and because online tutorials can be sorted out, users can more intuitively know their learning progress and the points where they need to learn courses.

Auxiliary function point “Store Management”

In addition to using the developed mini-programs, yoga studios can complete functions such as customer acquisition, promotion, and online reservations. For merchants, it is an auxiliary function point “store management”. Not only can users upload information according to their own progress, but also the yoga studio can Manage and analyze the data of user information and store sales information, so that merchants can clearly know the service process points that need to be improved and optimized, and operate the overall operation more efficiently.

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