Mini Program Mall Live Broadcast Development: What are the advantages of Mini Program Mall + Live Broadcast?

The traffic source of mini program mall live broadcasts is mostly the brand’s own traffic, mainly consumers who actively follow the brand, so the live broadcast attribute of mini program live broadcasts is weak. Mini program live broadcast is a model based on social and private domain traffic. In the future, it will be the first choice for merchants who want to accumulate private domain traffic and conduct refined operations.

Shanghai Lanchang Information Technology is a professional mini program mall live broadcast development company. Today we will talk to you about the advantages of mini program mall + live broadcast?

Mini Program Mall Live Broadcast Development
Mini Program Mall Live Broadcast Development

1. Mini program mall live broadcast development directly reaches users

Users can watch live broadcasts and shop at the same time, all within the merchant’s mini-program. There is no need to jump to APPs or other mini-programs or websites, which greatly shortens the user’s operation path and improves user experience and conversion rate.

2. Mini program mall live broadcast development traffic is controllable

“Mini program mall + live broadcast” is undoubtedly the most successful commercialization of private domain traffic. The traffic brought by merchants’ live broadcasts is firmly in their hands. In private domain traffic, user needs will be more easily captured.

3. Official account + mini program + live broadcast complete monetization closed loop

In the early stage of live broadcast preparation, merchants can add live broadcast mini-program cards to pre-heat through official account graphics and text, and target the time periods when users are active to guide large waves of traffic from the official account to the mini program live broadcast room. From booking live broadcasts, watching live broadcasts to purchasing products, the entire process from planting to conversion is carried out within the WeChat ecosystem.

4. Mini program mall live broadcasts various gameplays to quickly promote orders

Merchants can use the marketing tools in the mini program mall, such as group buying, flash sales, distribution, etc., to promote secondary sales of users and achieve multi-faceted reach of more users.

For information related to the live broadcast development of the mini program mall, please contact the customer service of Shanghai Lanchang Information Technology, a mini program development supplier.

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