• Online booking system

    Online booking and check-in solution Online Booking Solution Mini Program Online Reservation System H5 Online Reservation System We have mature online booking system products and solutions: appointment creation, channel analysis, event booking, mobile phone number SMS verification, WeChat payment, event notification, scan code sign-in, CRM system docking, background reports, browsing data analysis statistics, etc. One-stop service Online reservations are more flexible Merchants can choose between paid and free booking modes to create activities flexibly. Booking + payment + check-in should be made for conference reservations, catering reservations, hospital reservations, business…

  • An app for booking yoga classes? Can it be developed?

    Original title: Mini program for booking yoga classes? Can it be developed? Due to the popularization of health knowledge, many people have begun to realize that reasonable exercise can not only bring health, but also maintain a well-proportioned figure. Therefore, the rise of the yoga industry is very necessary, but traditional lines The way to promote yoga studios can be said to be slow promotion, few customer acquisitions, low conversions, etc., which require small programs to solve problems. So is there a small program for booking yoga classes? Can it…

  • Advantages of hotel booking applet development

    Original title: Advantages of hotel booking applet development People who often go on business trips and travel will encounter the situation of staying in a hotel, but it is very troublesome to download an APP to stay in a hotel. If you go directly to the store and you don’t know the price of the room, or there is no suitable hotel nearby, if you can in advance If we book a room, it can help us solve a lot of troubles. The development of the hotel reservation applet is…