Advantages of developing QR code ordering applets

Original title: Advantages of developing small programs for ordering food by scanning QR codes

Nowadays, many catering stores have the function of scanning QR codes to order food, but most of them are implemented through official accounts. Users need to follow the official account first when using it, which will be very troublesome. However, the ordering applet is easy to use. It is very convenient, because the mini program can place orders directly, and it can also realize AA payment. In addition, ordering through the mini program can make the price of the dishes transparent, making users more assured. Let’s take a look at scanning the QR code to order. Do mini programs have any advantages?

Advantages of development of scan code ordering app

Advantages of scanning QR code to order food:

1. You can order and pay at your seat

When guests come to the restaurant to dine, they can scan the QR code on the seat to order. There is no need to ask the waiter to order. After you order, the waiter will bring it to the table for you, and you can enjoy a delicious meal. , you can complete the payment at the same time, and there is no need to wait in line to pay after you have finished your meal. This not only saves the user’s time, improves the user experience, but also saves the waiter’s manpower. It can be said to be the best of both worlds.

2. Save platform investment funds and increase profits

After developing the ordering applet, you can carefully manage your own platform and save a large amount of entry fees. In addition to the development and certification fees of the applet, there is no need to pay other additional fees. At the same time, restaurants can use backend data Conduct precise marketing to increase store profits.

3. Attract customers and promote customer retention

Through the ordering applet, customer expansion and customer retention can be carried out. There are many ways to expand customers through mini programs, including scanning mini program codes, nearby mini programs, direct search, friend circles, WeChat group sharing, public account links, etc. These methods can attract a large number of potential users. After users gather in the mini program, we can analyze the users’ consumption habits and hobbies through background data, thereby launching marketing plans to promote users’ secondary consumption, increase user stickiness, and promote customer retention.

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