How does the live streaming delivery system guide users to consume?

How does the live streaming delivery system guide users to consume?

Not long ago, according to relevant data analysis, the live streaming delivery system 7 service platform had assets of 15 billion. This data is very shocking. Whether in terms of platform traffic or quota, the live streaming delivery system has entered a stage of stable and continuous development. I believe many people want to know how the live delivery system guides customers to consume. Next, the editor will take you to analyze it from three aspects.

How does the live streaming delivery system guide users to consume?
Live delivery

Live delivery system

1. Selling things or selling well-known brands

After careful observation, it will not be difficult to find that although the live broadcast delivery system industry seems to make a lot of money, the herd effect is more prominent, and a small number of people control the vast majority of traffic resources. And these fashion bloggers who control the vast majority of resources all have one common characteristic, that is, they have very strong professional capabilities.

To give a simple example, you want to buy a lipstick but don’t know which brand to buy. Can you choose to search for it on traditional e-commerce platforms without specificity or purpose, or open Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room and listen to his recommendations, which is most suitable for you? Lipstick color for skin color? The answer is obvious. This is what I want to say. The anchors of the live broadcast delivery system not only sell goods, but also their own brands. Professional dog-carrying anchors have extensive knowledge reserves and strong speaking skills, allowing you to gradually develop a reliance on them, thereby achieving a win-win situation in terms of sales and brand awareness.

2. Discounts are a magic tool

In addition to trusting the anchor, consumers choose live broadcast shopping. Another reason is that the anchor’s live broadcast room will shout the slogan “the lowest price on major websites”. In order to increase the sales of live broadcast rooms, many anchors of the live broadcast system have also released discount coupons that can only be obtained in the live broadcast room and product discounts that can only be enjoyed by the fans of the anchor.

Because the live broadcast room system completes the direct contact between customers and stores, and no retailers receive surcharges, it is indeed much more cost-effective than offline promotion. Many anchors rely on this kind of discount to bring many real cost-effective products to consumers. .

3. Guidance by consumer psychology

Consumption psychology is an important reason that guides consumers to consume. Today’s live streaming delivery system is so popular. One of the biggest reasons is that it stimulates consumers’ consumption psychology. Most of the goods sold in the current live broadcast delivery system are products that consumers may have a rigid demand for. The anchors have taken advantage of people’s mentality of being prone to impulsive consumption in order to attract more consumers. consumer.

How to attract more consumers is a topic that the live broadcast system will never change. At present, the attention of online shopping is not declining. How to make good use of various factors to accelerate development is a problem that the live broadcast system must solve. Creating good brand user reviews, bringing further benefits to consumers, and stimulating consumers’ impulse to purchase are the keys to the steady development of live streaming.

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