What do you need to prepare to build a mini program mall?

With the rapid development of the existing mobile Internet, mobile e-commerce has become more and more popular. More and more merchants have begun to develop WeChat mini programs, among which mini program malls are very popular.

So for merchants, what do they need to prepare to build a mini program mall?

What do you need to prepare to build a mini program mall?
WeChat Mini Program

1. Early preparation

1. Domain name: The domain name is the brand name of an enterprise on search engines, and it plays a very important role. However, in order to enhance user friendliness, you can choose a simple and easy-to-remember domain name.

2. Server: The performance, stability, and data processing efficiency of the server will directly affect the user experience of the mall. If it is not good, problems such as access interruption and program exceptions may occur. It is recommended that enterprises use currently popular cloud servers, such as Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc.

3. Website registration: When an enterprise builds a mini-program mall system, it cannot be accessed normally without passing the website ICP registration. Under normal circumstances, website registration takes 10-30 working days. In order to avoid affecting the launch of the mall, please complete the website registration work in advance.

2. Selection of operating model

Different industries have different needs and properties, and there are also certain differences in development maturity. There are many types of e-commerce operation models. According to the transaction entities, they can be divided into b2b, b2c, c2c, and b2b2c. According to different rights and interests, they can be divided into direct sales, distribution and other forms. Merchants should make their choice based on their actual situation and needs.

Generally speaking, the operating model of e-commerce platforms will gradually develop from a single model to a diversified one. Therefore, most companies will use the b2c model or the b2b2c model as the basis, and continue to derive more forms during the development process of the platform. Choose A suitable operating model is crucial to the later development of the enterprise.

3. Choose a suitable mini program mall system

If an enterprise wants to choose a suitable mini program for the mall system, it is recommended that it choose a product that suits them based on their familiarity with the development language and database performance requirements.

With the accelerated development of e-commerce, new changes in the market continue to occur. When choosing, consider a mall system with strong scalability, which is more conducive to the subsequent development of the enterprise.

4. Deployment and online deployment

The deployment and launch of the mall website marks that the mall has officially entered the operation stage. Before going online, on the one hand, a comprehensive internal test of the website must be conducted to ensure the stable operation of the platform. On the other hand, due to the particularity of software, accidents are inevitable in the early stages of deployment and launch. Therefore, it is also necessary to back up software and data.

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