Wedding company mini program development: What are the main functions of the wedding mini program?

Wedding company mini-program development: With the continuous development of the mobile Internet, many industries are completing transformation and upgrading through the Internet, and the offline wedding industry is no exception. In order to provide opportunities for the transformation of offline industries, wedding mini-program development has now emerged. people’s lives.

Wedding WeChatWhat are the functions of mini program development?

1. Case display: The Wedding Mini Program displays classic wedding cases online. Users can use their leisure time to browse online and choose their favorite wedding style.

2. Online appointment: After users choose a wedding company that they are satisfied with online, they can make an appointment online through WeChat and go to the store for an interview at a suitable time.

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3. Preferential activities: There is fierce competition in the wedding industry. In order to attract more users, wedding APPs regularly launch relevant preferential activities to stimulate users’ desire to place orders.

4. Online consultation: If users have any questions while browsing the wedding mini program, they can communicate with the merchant online through the mini program.

5. Positioning and navigation: The Wedding Mini Program provides positioning and navigation functions. Users can quickly find the location of nearby wedding organizations through the positioning and navigation functions of the APP.

The above is an introduction to the basic functions of wedding mini program development. To update relevant mini program development related information, please contact Lanchang customer service

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