Planning and functions of takeout app development

Nowadays, in the Internet era, major e-commerce apps on the market are crazy to seize a large number of customers’ attention. The online counterpart is that offline physical store business is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

Nowadays, giants such as Walmart, Rainbow, and China Resources Vanguard have begun to deploy their own e-commerce channels and combine their offline and online businesses to achieve a better user experience. A powerful takeout app can optimize and combine store resources in the local area to provide local customers with various life services, fresh food, catering, clothing and other delivery services.

Planning and functions of takeout app development
Takeaway APP

1. Customized development plan for takeout app

1. Project positioning: Committed to building a food delivery service platform for local office white-collar elites, college students, merchants, etc., and gradually further developing into a local full-scale shopping mall + distribution platform in the future.

2. Project progress

Trial operation: In areas densely populated by white-collar workers and students, certain discounts will be given to merchants and customers. Catering + gourmet takeout delivery services will be provided in the areas designated for trial operation. The entire product and business process will be continuously optimized, and problems will be discovered and continuously improved.

Project promotion: Based on the high-frequency consumer market for catering services, we will step by step expand the target audience in the city, and continuously launch new marketing promotions online to attract new customers to Leila.

Development in various fields: Relying on channel traffic, we will expand our business to supermarkets and convenience stores, fresh fruits and vegetables, offline stores, local clothing and other fields.

Make money with revenue: After forming a large enough planned traffic order step by step, you can try different methods to increase revenue channels.

3. Profit methods: including advertising fees, delivery fees, merchant entry fees, transaction commissions, investment agents, merchant alliance cards, merchant exclusive activity fees, etc.

2. Basic functions of food delivery app development

1. Merchant side: product listing, store decoration, order management, membership management, online customer service, marketing activities, full discounts, distribution group sales, form questionnaires, evaluation management, data statistics, news announcements, etc.

2. Client: city switching, map positioning, category search, shopping cart, online payment, sharing and forwarding, personal center, order status.

3. Rider terminal: map positioning, real-time order grabbing, order transfer assistance, abnormal orders, message reminders, and historical orders.

4. Management side: merchant entry, sub-account decentralization, data statistics, mall settlement, etc.

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