WeChat mini program has become the new standard for “assisting” online government services

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, due to the addition of WeChat mini programs, when the traditional provision of government services cannot simplify the process, mini programs have led a new service platform. As of 2021, there are more than 30,000 government-type WeChat mini programs across the country. , providing more convenient, faster and more efficient online government services for people’s lives, and with the advancement of the epidemic, the relationship between mini programs and government services has become closer.

WeChat mini program has become the new standard for “assisting” online government services
Government Services

So, why is it said that WeChat mini programs have become the new standard for “powering” online government services?

Easy to spread

WeChat mini programs can be products built on the WeChat platform. With a large number of users, they can more conveniently and quickly promote government services, such as medical and health mini programs that currently have a large number of users. Online appointment registration and vaccine appointment have largely solved the inability to provide “quick” services in traditional government services and improved service quality.

Integrate resource information

Relying on its advantages on the mobile terminal, WeChat mini programs can integrate numerous government service information contents to provide the public with more professional and authoritative related service contents, and build a timely “hub” between government affairs and users. ”, which can help people when they need to handle relevant government services. Get things done more efficiently and quickly, while also improving the work efficiency of traditional government services.

Smart Management System

In view of the complexity of government service processes, WeChat mini programs can be used to simplify the entire service process and use intelligent data management systems to increase user stickiness and facilitate users to use mini programs to query the service process, effectively integrating government affairs The service content data is displayed intelligently and provides users with a convenient and fast mobile service platform.

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