What are the functions and advantages of insurance app development?

I believe everyone is familiar with insurance. For example, we have medical insurance, car insurance, commercial insurance, etc. in our lives. However, there are many problems with the traditional insurance model. Due to the lack of insurance awareness, it is easy to fail to take out insurance and have three-no problems, making it impossible for the insurance company to obtain compensation. In order to solve these problems, insurance APP software development came into being. The development of insurance APPs has provided great convenience to people’s lives.

What are the functions and advantages of insurance app development?
Insurance APP

In the past, people thought that buying insurance required offline insurance, and I signed the contract. But now people can directly purchase insurance through insurance APPs, sign electronic policies, and quickly facilitate transactions. Mobile Internet technology drives the development of the insurance industry, and major insurance companies are also targeting opportunities to join the development of insurance APPs and launch their own insurance APPs.

1. Basic functional requirements for insurance APP development

1. Development cost: The development cost of insurance APP is relatively low. Developers and insurance companies can quickly maximize profits, making it a win-win situation.

2. Query function: The system will directly bind the user’s policy account information to provide users with policy query and insurance income information.

3. News push: Buying insurance is buying guarantee, and it is also financial management. The system pushes insurance and financial management information, as well as various financial management professional knowledge, allowing users to better learn professional financial management knowledge.

4. Product display: Users can check the specific information of various types of insurance products and similar insurance product information, and confirm the type of product they need to insure through information such as insurance amount, insurance amount, and insurance year.

5. Company introduction: The insurance company displays the company’s culture, mission, honors, etc. through text, pictures, videos, etc., to enhance the insured’s understanding of the company.

6. Insurance category: Classify the insurance products of insurance companies. Users can view the insurance name and its details in the insurance category column.

7. Information push: Insurance companies can push various insurance industry information to users on the insurance APP, allowing users to better understand insurance content and achieve precise marketing.

8. Community communication: Through circles, we can strengthen the connection between insurance companies and users and increase the order rate.

8. Positioning system: The insurance APP has built-in LBS positioning. When using it, users can check the actual geographical location of nearby insurance companies and go to the store for consultation.

9. Online insurance: Users can communicate with insurance company customer service at any time to achieve online consultation and insurance.

2. What are the advantages of insurance APP development?

1. Security price: All customer information is controlled by the insurance company, and the security of the information is guaranteed to a large extent by connecting to the Internet. Get information faster and more securely.

2. Business capabilities: An insurance company has a variety of insurances, but it is absolutely impossible for the salesperson to explain them clearly at once. Through the insurance APP software, customers can intuitively inquire about various insurances to ensure their independence. Choice, this posture can improve business capabilities and at the same time improve the bank’s service quality.

3. Online and offline: Through insurance APP software, the traditional work of insurance companies can be connected with the mobile Internet, which not only facilitates work but also improves work efficiency.

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