Is it better to buy a mini program directly with a template or develop it custom-made?

Original title: Is it better to buy a mini program directly with a template or customize it and develop it? How to operate the mini program can let more people know

Is it better to buy the mini program directly and buy the template or customize the development? How to operate the mini program can be updated. Many people know

Nowadays, many businesses ask the editor whether it is better to develop customized mini programs or templates?

The editor thinks that we must first determine the type of small program you want to develop. If you can’t even determine the content of the small program to be developed, how can we talk about development.

Secondly, depending on the specific content of the mini program you want to make, distinguish whether to customize the development or use a template mini program.

If it is just for fun or following trends, and no one will take care of it or operate it after it is completed, a template will be enough. However, if it involves many security issues and a lot of content is involved in the mini program, the current template will also It can meet our current needs. If we want to upgrade to secondary development later, it is best to customize and develop a small program. In fact, it is just such a simple sentence. It depends on how you understand it. It has many meanings.

The editor thinks it is better to make a customized small program.

Template applets have no copyright and have the same functions. They are charged annually and take a long time to update and iterate. Also, all the data and content in the mini-program before it expires and is not renewed will be gone.

To customize a small program, you can apply for your own copyright, and the functions can be customized according to your own needs. The fee is one-time, and the update iteration depends on you. For example, if I want to add a function, you will also compare A serious operator will pay more attention to this matter. The bad thing is that the price is higher than the template.

Then we are talking about how to run mini programs

1. Small companies don’t have many people and don’t want to spend too much money to run a small program. What should I do?

we can do this

1. Get a group and send your mini program to the group and ask people in the group to split it for you.

2. Send your mini program to Moments. This function is not available if people who have made mini programs before have not developed this function. The function of sending mini programs to Moments needs to be developed separately.

3. Send your mini program QR code to Tieba, information publishing websites, your official website, or ask customers to find you by scanning the QR code.

4. You can also distribute flyers, that is, do local promotion and copy your mini program QR code onto the flyers.

5. You can also place a billboard in the store and add your mini program QR code.

6. Your Mini Program QR code can be placed in the garage or car, and your Mini Program QR code can also be placed on business cards.

These methods don’t cost too much. If your mini program has enough traffic, you can also be a traffic owner. Others can also advertise in your mini program, and you will also get corresponding benefits.

Second, there is also the cost of spending money on advertising, which will increase your costs. You don’t know how effective it will be, but you still have to spend a lot of money.

  1. WeChat Moments Advertisement
  2. WeChat video advertising
  3. Advertisements in WeChat mini programs
  4. Elevator Advertisement
  5. There are many more, it all depends on whether you are rich or not

The above is what the editor shared with you today. I don’t know if it is useful to you. If you still don’t understand or want to make small programs or websites, you can contact me.

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