Functional requirements for luxury care applet development

China has become the largest consumer of luxury goods in the world. The annual consumption of luxury goods is staggering. Luxury goods maintenance has also become a gold industry. Due to the precise market, high unit price and long user service cycle, it only needs to capture some customers. , you can get a lot of profits. Due to the blankness of the relevant market and the strong demand of users, the luxury maintenance applet can only use the advantages of the Internet to fill and make up for the shortcomings of the market.

Functional requirements for luxury care applet development
Small program development

Functional requirements for luxury care applet development

1. Nearby location: Users can use the positioning function to find nearby luxury goods repair shops, and can quickly and easily send luxury goods to the store for repair.

2. Luxury goods classification: Classify luxury goods. Users can find their own luxury goods based on categories. Click to view luxury professional repair shop.

3. Online booking: Users can make online bookings through this platform and purchase goods from surrounding professional luxury repair shops, saving time and energy.

4. Long maintenance cycle: During the warranty period, luxury brands usually only provide functional maintenance due to quality problems of the brand itself.

5. User evaluation: After the luxury goods repair is completed, users can evaluate the luxury goods repair shop to provide a certain reference for other users.

However, due to the habits of Chinese users, luxury goods will encounter many problems when repairing them.

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