Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development Company: What are the advantages of mini program malls?

With economic development, people’s daily lives have undergone earth-shaking changes. Faced with diverse and complex market environments, businesses have adopted proactive countermeasures to solve them. In order to better solve this problem, many traditional online stores have just developed mini program malls to develop online business processes. So what are the benefits of developing mini program malls for offline stores?

New Mileage Technology, a professional Shanghai mini program mall development company, would like to talk to you about the advantages of mini program malls?

Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development Company
Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development Company

1. The development cost of mini program mall is low

Mini programs have a large compatibility model and can be used immediately after successful development, which greatly shortens development time and of course controls costs. Mini programs rely on the WeChat ecosystem and can take advantage of WeChat’s marketing advantages to reduce marketing costs. At the same time, later maintenance will become easier and the maintenance cost will be relatively low.

2. The physical examination of mini program mall users is relatively good

Mini programs do not need to be installed or uninstalled and can be opened anytime and anywhere. They do not occupy the memory of the mobile phone and are very convenient for users to use. Users can share mini programs directly with WeChat friends without automatically jumping to WeChat to share in other ways, which greatly improves the user experience. It can increase the stickiness between merchants and users, and merchants can get more traffic through the WeChat public platform.

3. Live streaming of goods in the mini program mall

Offline stores have fixed operating websites, and the user contact area is very limited. Merchants send products online through the live broadcast of e-commerce mini programs, which can not only better display the products, but also expand the store’s marketing environment to reach more target users. Users can enter the live broadcast room to watch and place orders through the mini program, and can also help merchants accumulate their own private domain traffic.

4. Mini Program Mall Marketing Tool

When merchants use e-commerce mini-programs to carry out event marketing, there are dozens of explosive promotion tools for merchants to mix and match at will, helping merchants quickly build their own marketing systems. Taobao store promotion and Internet marketing are closely integrated to accelerate user conversion efficiency.

For more information on the development of Shanghai mini program mall, please contact the customer service of the mini program development company New Mileage Technology

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