Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development: Why should companies develop Mini Program Malls, and what are the advantages and benefits?

Nowadays, more and more companies are developing WeChat mini program malls, and many merchants also want to build their own mini program mall to open up traffic to the WeChat ecosystem. The professional Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development company Lanchang Information Technology will talk to you: Why should companies develop Mini Program Malls, and what are the advantages and benefits?

Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development
Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development

Mini program mall development cost is low

Generally speaking, the price for enterprises to develop small program malls ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Of course, particularly large customized small programs may be more expensive. Therefore, compared with mobile APP applications, it is already very cheap. The development of small programs by enterprises can not only produce similar functions and effects to APPs, but also save enterprises a lot of money compared with the cost of APP application development, which can easily cost hundreds of thousands. It reduces development costs and is the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Good user experience in mini program mall

Unlike APP applications that need to be downloaded and installed, mini programs do not need to be downloaded or installed and do not take up space on your mobile phone. When users need to shop in the mini program mall, they only need to open the mini program in WeChat, or scan the code to enter, shop directly, and exit directly after completion, which is very convenient and fast. Therefore, compared to users, mini programs will naturally have a better experience than APP applications, and will naturally be more favored by users.

The mini program mall has good traffic drainage effect

Mini program malls need to be run based on WeChat, which has more than one billion users, and WeChat is also the most frequently used and time-consuming APP application by users. Then when enterprises promote mini program malls, they can give full play to the advantages of WeChat. Whether it is a WeChat group, official account, or circle of friends, after enterprises share mini programs, they can achieve far higher results than any other channels. Drainage effect, doubling the number of users.

Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development Company
Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development Company

Mini Program Mall has strong support

Mini programs are officially released by WeChat, and companies can make their own mini programs in accordance with official rules and requirements. After more than three years of development, WeChat officials have been continuously improving and releasing new functions, such as sharing, advertising, direct access, live broadcast and other functions. The purpose is to provide more convenience to users while also providing enterprises with more functions. of support. Therefore, enterprises developing small program malls will receive strong official support.

The development advantages of mini program mall development are very obvious, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited budgets, it is undoubtedly the most reasonable choice. After the enterprise understands these advantages, it will have a clearer understanding of the mini program mall, and at the same time, many doubts in its mind will be eliminated. We believe that as long as the majority of enterprises can seize this opportunity, they will surely rise and achieve better development prospects.

For more information on Shanghai Mini Program Mall development, or if you need to develop a Mini Program Mall, please contact our customer service

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