Flexible employment platform development-What is the difference between flexible employment and part-time and hourly employment?

Does anyone still think that flexible working means hourly employment or part-time employment? I don’t know since when, flexible employment has been equated with hourly employment, part-time work, labor dispatch and other employment methods. In fact, these employment methods are different. Flexible employment is definitely not the same as part-time and hourly employment. Let’s introduce it to you below. Share the differences between these employment methods.

Flexible employment platform development-What is the difference between flexible employment and part-time and hourly employment?
Flexible employment

The part-time jobs we often talk about generally use some of the free time after work and study to do a job that does not require fixed-term employment. Part-time workers provide corresponding services and skills to the employer, and the employer gives corresponding remuneration. It’s a part-time job.

As the name suggests, hourly workers are billed according to time. This employment model is generally found in service industries such as housekeeping. Hourly workers are different from full-time workers. On average, their working time does not exceed 4 hours a day, and the total weekly hours is no more than 4 hours. It will take more than 24 hours.

Employment methods such as part-time and hourly employees are not full-time employees, so they do not need to sign a labor contract. In fact, this employment method is still very common. In many senses, these methods also fall within the category of flexible employment. But it definitely does not equal flexible employment.

Flexible employment refers to a way for enterprises to establish temporary employment with employees who want to find corresponding jobs through the flexible employment platform. They are cooperative relationships.

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