What basic functions does an education APP need to have?

The education industry is one of the more popular industries at present, and it is also one of the more competitive industries. So, how can education and training institutions stand out in this industry?

At this time, you need an education APP. Education APP can build an intelligent, personalized, and information-based online display platform for training institutions; it can help training institutions with brand promotion, marketing, etc.

What basic functions does an education APP need to have?
Education APP

What basic functions does an education APP need to have?

Learning course display

Each course of study can be displayed, and students can go in to learn about the courses they want to study according to the direction they want to study.

Answer questions online

Students can answer questions raised by teachers through online answering, and then the teachers on the platform will answer them online.

Online registration

Students can register online to participate in various course training.

Show faculty

Enterprises can use the APP to display the company’s strong teaching staff, so that users can recognize the company’s professionalism and feel confident choosing the company for education and training.

Online communication

This function allows users of education APP clients to interact and communicate online, share learning experiences, or upload learning materials to exchange learning information with other users.

Instructional Video

Education APPs need to have a large number of online teaching videos. Users only need to search for the teaching videos they want, and the platform will display the videos you want to learn.

Online Teacher

Teachers can post their own courses, employment schools, teaching courses, teacher qualifications, etc. online; they can upload online teaching, door-to-door teaching, online answers, etc.

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