Analysis on basic knowledge of corporate website construction costs

Basic knowledge of Chengdu corporate website construction costs

For those who are in need of website construction who do not understand the cost of website construction, the cost of corporate website construction is a very complicated thing.

If you don’t understand, maybe the cost of building a website is already very high but you still think it’s cheap, and you don’t even know you’re being cheated. Or maybe you’ve encountered a situation where the service quality is very high, but the cost of building a website still feels like it’s a cheat, and you’ve missed out on something good. service provider.

Analysis on basic knowledge of corporate website construction costs
Corporate website construction

So, what are the basic corporate website construction costs?

1. Without considering the operating and marketing costs, after the website design and production is completed, only the source code and database of the website will be left, and this is all you will get by paying the website building fee.

2. The source code and database need to be stored on the Internet space, and you can only rent a server – because it is illegal to build a server by yourself without IDC qualifications. The so-called rented server here actually refers to the network line. You can buy a server yourself, but the country only issues Internet access licenses to China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile and other ten companies. In fact, all the servers in China are sold by these companies. According to current laws, it is against the law for agents who have registered websites not to place them in their computer rooms.

3. With a server, you also need to purchase a domain name and point it to the server address so that the website can be accessed.

4. There are other websites that will incur deployment, installation and debugging costs, which will be omitted.

5. Domain names and servers are of the same nature as mobile phone numbers. The mobile phone belongs to the user, but the phone number belongs to the communication company. It will be recycled without renewal. It is a lifetime lease. However, the website source code belongs to the user, but the domain name and server belong to the network. The service provider will shut down if it does not renew. No matter domestic or international, there is no free domain name and server for life!

6. Website building companies do not have and have no right to build servers privately – all website building companies or individuals can only rent servers or bandwidth and then sell them to companies or individuals.

7. When an enterprise hires technical developers to build a website, or entrusts an Internet company to build a website, the ownership of the finished website belongs to the enterprise – that is, the source code and database parts.

8. Some development companies will include the domain name and server fees in the production fee. That is, the design and production fee includes the domain name and server fees, but they will definitely need to be renewed in the second year.

9. Some companies that provide website operation and maintenance services include the annual fee for the domain name and server in the service fee, that is, the domain name and server are free during the employment period. There is a pitfall here, that is, once the cooperation is terminated, the company may It takes a lot of money and high price to redeem the domain name and source code.

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